About us

Bernard's JD&M

Bernards JD&M is a jewellery store wich also designs, repairs and manufactures jewellery at competitive prices. With a workshop onsite with a mix of amazingly talented people who do their work with joy and pride.

We can fix you're most prized possesions or create anything your heart desires most beautifully. We love designing and supplying jewellery to make the heart glad whether its diamonds rings or wristwatches.
  • Gold Jewellery White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold
  • Swiss Watches
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Free Shipping

Our team

Image of Bernard's JD&M Store Front

Bernard's JD&M

Our team is trained onsite by Bernard Herbal who has over 20 years experience. We also have student training.


“Bernards JD&M is the best goldsmith and jeweller on Dolphin Coast Durban. .

What we do

“Supply Yellow Gold, White Gold Rose Gold Jewellery from Necklaces to ankle chains.
“Swiss Watches
“Custom Design Ring size, gold colour, stone cut, size and clarity. 

Call Us: 032 586 0889